“If you want to improve your presentations immediately and drastically, Lewis Roth is the person to call. With Lewis you won’t only get a better speech, you’ll also get the processes to become a better speaker. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving.” 

Craig Valentine 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking Author, The Nuts and Bolts of Public Speaking and World Class Speaking”












Dan Weiniger, Home Video StudioWestfield, NJ www.homevideostudio.com


Dan Weiniger Video Testimonial






We all have our individual challenges in life, and one that many of us share is speaking in public. Being both a bi-lingual and a foreign-born citizen, the prospect of speaking English in public seemed an insurmountable task. Yet, I realized this was something I had to overcome to be successful both in social and professional spheres.

Working with Lewis Roth has enabled me to transform my insecurity and anxieties into one of my greatest assets, as someone who can capture the attention and communicate persuasively to a wide audience. His warm personality, coupled with his expertise as a public-speaking coach has been instrumental in my growth. I would highly recommend Lewis Roth, and I often do, to anyone seeking this important training.

-Konstantin Khodik, PMP, MA, Doctoral Student

As the president of a large weekly BNI networking group, I am not only required to facilitate the meetings, but I also  have to deliver a weekly commercial promoting  my business. Lewis helped me reframe the way I think about and construct my networking “commercials.”  This approach has improved my speaking significantly with more focused and memorable messages.  Lewis also gave me a lot of support; he coached me over the phone and in person, guiding me and giving me many “tools” to be successful.  I feel more confident networking and am appreciative of what Lewis has taught me.

Sharon Goldner, Holistic Nutritionist, www.recipeforahealthylife.com


Lewis gave me the courage to put myself out there. Through his expert guidance, I have gone further than I ever anticipated, tapping into talents that I didn’t know I possessed. He gave me the tools to reach an audience and to communicate with them in a powerful and effective manner. Within a short period of time, I rose to become a competitive public speaker. At the same time, I furthered myself professionally and opened myself up to new and exciting opportunities.

Thank you, Lewis. You are one of a kind. You are the best!

Diane M. Roberts

Writer, Editor and Actress



Tyrone Battle

Tyrone Battle  

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Hi Lewis, Graduation is over. Everything went as planned. I am so happy and relieved. Christina received a great deal of positive comments about her speech. The teachers said it was inspirational, and beautiful.. So many people commented on her speech, about how great it was. She was a star tonight. Thank you again for all your help and patience. I don’t know what she would have done without it

Jackie and Christina Valente.



When I was looking for a speech coach, I only wanted to work with the best. That’s why I turned to Lewis Roth from High-Touch Speaking. The fact that I live in Israel, which is almost 6,000 miles away from New Jersey where Lewis is from, did not deter me from being coached by him. Working with Lewis through the  SKYPE online video platform was a breeze. Even though I was sitting at my desk thousands of miles across the Atlantic ocean, I felt as if I was right there in the studio with Lewis. Thank You Lewis for giving me the skills to be a better speaker!

 Asaf Ofir, Operations Manager
 Lev Ofir,
Kadima, Israel



Lewis,thank you again for the wonderful training class. In just two sessions I really feel my public speaking ability and my effectiveness as a speaker has increased 100%. Your method is clear and concise and it made sense to me. The exercises you gave me to practice my new skills were invaluable. Thank you again and I look forward to continuing to better my skills as a public speaker.

Kristy Ball

L&B Printing, Inc.- FSC Certified


I am a rabbi and a public school teacher – both professions of which require a tremendous amount of speaking.  I thought I was fairly decent at it, though I lacked some self confidence.  My speaking since working with Lewis Roth has become  qualitatively different.  It is cleaner, more engaging, and more dynamic.  I have learned many techniques about both verbal and non-verbal communication that have not only helped me in front of audiences, but in personal interactions as well.  People who have seen me speak,  have remarked how different my speaking is compared to the pastoral or academic style of other clergy.  I have learned to use humor, plan my movements on stage, and be able to make people feel engaged.  Through the  coaching and helpful critiques of my performance given to me by Lewis,  I was able to transform myself from  from a lecturer to a speaker. But not just any speaker, I was transformed to one that not only engages and involves their audience ,but also one who leaves them with a lasting  message for a life time.

Rabbi Eric Kotkin (631) -220-2288

 Arif Ansari 3Hi Lewis, Just a quick note to thank you for everything you had done for me in the development of my speaking skills. I have improved tremendously under your guidance and help.  I can see a huge difference in my speaking skills between last year and this year when I first started being coached by you. But more importantly, it’s my audience that feels this impact. The engagement and connection that I have with them today is just amazing!

Arif Ansari    nycarif@gmail.com  




High touch Speaking was a revelation! Lewis Roth awakened my dormant speaking skills.  His emphasis on enthusiasm, preparation and eye contact were discussed throughout the workshop he conducted.  During the workshop, I was given free rein to choose topics that would interest my audience.  Speeches were videotaped and analyzed for content and voice inflection.  I would encourage anyone wanting to improve their public speaking skills to contact Lewis Roth. Your full potential will be realized.

David Sullivan , Options/ commodity trader, Author



As a Landscape Architect, I need to speak in front of  audiences  regularly.  Having a technical/creative background, speaking has not always been my forte.  With my residential and commercial clients, I need to sell them on my services and educate them as to why they should hire me as their consultant.

After working with Lewis for only a few weeks, I have already seen a dramatic difference in both my confidence level and overall results while speaking.  He analyzes my previously recorded presentations and then reviews them with me, step-by-step to highlight the negatives and positives.  This, combined with his tips and techniques on how to become a better speaker, has been invaluable for me both professionally and personally.  If you are in sales or just want to boost your confidence in a social atmosphere, I would highly recommend Lewis Roth.  He will help you take your speaking skills from bleak to unique!

Gregg Spadaro, Landscape Architect, Land Identity


I’m trying out for this show on CBS called survivor and I needed to come up with a 2 minute video for this casting audition. I did and I showed it to all my friends and family. They all thought that it was great, until I decided that maybe I should contact a professional. I wanted to have a professional’s opinion just in case… And boy was I glad that I did!  I contacted Lewis Roth from High Touch Speaking and he has amazingly taken my speaking skills to another level in just two sessions. The skills that I picked up from Lewis, not only can I use to hopefully get on survivor, but I can use it my professional life as a teacher and speaker. So If you are looking to improve on your speaking skills and you are on the fence about getting professional help, all I can say is don’t hesitate! Lewis is the one the call!

David Savitt – (908) 230-8907


Before I came to  Lewis Roth for coaching, I had no idea of the  transformation that I would soon make. I couldn’t imagine that as a stutterer, the day would finally come where I would actually get to the other side of the bridge and I would turn into not only a great  speaker, but a fierce competitor competing in one toastmasters public speaking contest after another. Working with Lewis not only gave me the tools and processes of great speaking, but most importantly, I gained the confidence to know that if I set my mind  to it, I can be a great speaker who has their audience members on the edge of their seats. Now I know that anything is possible! Thank you Lewis!

Ari Waldman  – (917) 589-0261   awald224@yahoo.com

Rotary Club of Westfield New Jersey


rotary logo


Lewis, Thank you for your presentation at the Rotary club of Westfield, New Jersey last week. Your formulas for improving public speaking initiatives were engaging, peppered with humor and of great interest to our members comprised of local businesspersons and professionals.  We have received enthusiastic feedback from those who attended.


Veronqiue  Cordier

Program Chair, Westfield Rotary  www.westfieldtoday.com/Rotary


Being part of an executive board and managing a sales staff, I am often asked to take the stage and be in the spot light. I was never a fan of public speaking and tried to avoid it whenever I could.  Lewis Roth changed all that for me.  He taught me the right techniques and skills to make me love public speaking.  “Great public speakers are not born, they’re made.”  If you want to be made into a great speaker, then Lewis is your man.  Lewis truly transformed me and I am forever grateful for his time and motivation.  I went from zero to sixty in a very short time.

Assaf Cohen, Vice President of Sales,  Freedom Teleworkers



Dear Lewis, I really applaud your passion to impart your skills to others. I was really fortunate to have a few sessions with you and it has boosted my speaking skills tremendously. You truly inspire others with your enthusiasm and I would recommend your name to anybody who wants to improve their public speaking.

Dr. Ramesh Babu, Chairman, IAME (International Academy of Management & Entrepreneurship),

Bangalore, India http://www.iame.org.in/about-iame

As a team leader for a large home care agency,  I am used to speaking in front of small groups. And about 3 months ago, an outside organization heard about my many years of experience as a field nurse and asked me to speak for them. I accepted thinking that this would be similar to what I was used to doing at my company. A couple of weeks later, I get their brochure from them that shows that’s it’s not just a small workshop, it’s their yearly symposium and I am one of their keynote speakers and will be speaking for 35 minutes in front of up to 300 people! I was petrified. I wanted to cut and  run. But then I realized that if I could do this, I would be able to make my company shine.  Thankfully I heard about Lewis Roth who came to me highly recommended.  Lewis gave me tools and structures to help create my keynote and  I was able to write and deliver a speech that I never thought that I was ever capable of doing. When I got back to my office the following day, my director walked up to me and said “Sheri,  I am amazed! I never knew you had those skills in you, you really made our company shine yesterday!”  Thanks to Lewis  I’m now going places In my career!

Sheri Friedman, Visiting Nurse Service of New York VNSNY www.vnsny.org    sfrace26@aol.com


Dear Lewis, This is in follow-up to the powerful presentation you made on behalf of your father, a Holocaust survivor, at our recent community-wide Yom Hashoah Holocaust commemoration at Kean University in Union, NJ. With well over 900 people in attendance, including many dignitaries, rabbis, academics, community leaders, and of course the honored survivors themselves, your words were both eloquent and poignant, and touched the hearts of all who heard them. While each of the six survivors was called upon to light candles and have their stories told by family members, your presentation was especially impactful. You clearly have a strong command of the stage, and that evening, you succeeded in capturing everyone’s attention. It is clear that you are passionate about your father, the subject matter, and making a meaningful and effective presentation, which you most certainly did. On behalf of the Yom Hashoah planning committee, I thank you for participating in our 2011 commemoration. Your delivery will stand out among the most memorable we’ve ever had. – Warm regards,

Adina Abramov, Director of Marketing and Communications

Jewish Federation of Central New Jersey www.JewishJerseyCentral.org





Although I’m a fairly confident speaker, I have always had a problem projecting my voice. Lewis was a patient teacher, taking the time to show me the steps I needed to take in order to turn up the volume. With his guidance, I now know the proper breathing and voice channeling techniques needed to speak loudly and win over a room. Lewis always says “If you can’t project, you won’t connect” and he’s right. Thanks to him, I’m connecting more than ever before!

Avi Weinryb 







I have always been very passionate about speaking (public as well as professional) and am so glad that I stumbled over this website which gave me an opportunity to get coached by Lewis Roth. Lewis gave a lot of personal attention to my requirements and monitored the progress closely during the entire coaching period. Each session was tailor-made to address my specific areas of improvement.

The tips and tricks taught in different sessions were unique and focused on elements crucial to engaging the audience during public speaking. Lewis was able to recognize my strengths, identified the weakness and honed my overall skills. The sessions helped me improve my day-to-day professional interactions with colleagues as well. I truly feel that my overall speaking skills have improved significantly and I am more confident about speaking in front of a larger audience. Thank you indeed, Lewis, for your coaching and all your valuable guidance.

Shruti Sharma Shrutisharma.nit@gmail.com

Michael and Jeane Ferrucci copped


Hi Lewis, I just want to let you know that the speech was awesome!!! EVERYONE said that Michael’s speech was the best (Valedictorian, Salutatorian had to speak also). I can’t thank you enough for all you did for him. Without your help he NEVER would have done so well. He stayed all night for the Senior Gala left at 5am and went to work at  6am so you may not hear from him right away but you will soo






Michael Ferrucci

As the senior class president at my high school, I was unbearably apprehensive about summing up the experience of myself and my fellow classmates.  I went through several drafts of speeches and could not blend my thoughts in a coherent, interesting, and entertaining way.  When my mom suggested working with Lewis Roth, I was hesitant about the idea.  I thought it was unnecessary and that I just had to overcome the obstacle myself. I was clearly wrong.  After the first session, I felt more confident in my delivery, and equally important, I had a speech that was on its way to becoming memorable, unique, and funny.  When I finally stood before my audience of hundreds of my peers and our family members, I was confident, clear, and captivating.  Afterward, I was complimented by my friends and parents who said I not only had the best speech, but I was also the best speaker!  Many went so far as to say that I could  even have a career in speaking. Thank you so much Lewis for all your help. I couldn’t have done this without you!  Mike Ferrucci   mikeferrucci@aol.com

Mario and Lewis trophy speech contest

My long-term goal and dream has always been becoming a motivational speaker. Every speech I give usually contains some part of motivation and leadership. Lewis helped me perform my humorous speech for a Toastmasters competition and really took it to the next level. His devotion to detail helped me see aspects which not only greatly improved the speech itself but my skill of public speaking.

I went on winning the competition and more importantly I gained a very high value out of the coaching with Lewis. Working with him is fun, easy and will enable you to improve a lot. If you have any desire in becoming more than the average decent speaker, Lewis is your man!

Mario Lanzarotti Creative Director  AWL & SUNDRY www.awlandsundry.com  mlanzarotti@awlandsundry.com


Ilene Marcus Photo 2


When you need to make a presentation, start with Lewis.  His command of the technical aspects of the craft, combined with his insignts to audience connection and how to set your speech apart from the competition are invaluable.   Ilene Marcus, Author, Workplace Whisperer, Mentor  www.aligneworkplace.com