Take a look at these Toastmasters success stories by some of Lewis’s clients. 

T.S. Hoard

District pic TSLewis Roth and T.S. Hoard 2015 divsion contest winner

In March of 2015, T.S. Hoard  came to work with Lewis Roth because he wanted to take a shot at the toastmasters speech contests.  This was his first time competing. Before coming to work with Lewis, T.S. was a good speaker. However, through personalized coaching with Lewis, T.S. made his way up in the contests and went from being a good speaker  to being a great speaker. 

But it doesn’t stop there; 

Then on Saturday May 9, 2015  T.S.  went from  being a great speaker,  to being  a champion  speaker and was crowned as the 2015 toastmasters district 46 champion of public speaking – making him the best speaker in New York City and surrounding areas.

TS Hoard  “After” being coached by Lewis Roth 

Teresa Palmer 

Before coming to work with Lewis Roth, Teresa Palmer was an aspiring speaker. She possessed average speaking skills and she had no unique signature stories of her own.

See below the results of how through investing in valuable coaching, she had gone (in a very short period) from being known as an average sounding speaker, to being seen as a professional speaker with her own signature story whom can captivate her audience and have them on the edge of their seats! 

Teresa Palmer “Before” being coached by Lewis Roth

Teresa Palmer “After” being coached by Lewis Roth

“Before Coaching with Lewis Roth I was known only as good speaker, now I’m seen by everyone as a professional speaker, and that means the world to me!”   – Teresa Palmer